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This is a direct replacement for the SLIK OEM plastic center column screw in plug used on the “XL”, “Large”, and “Medium” tripods. The billet aluminum is hard anodized for durability. The CCL is a great addition to your tripod allowing you to have an attachment point for a tripod sling, a point to hang a weighted bag to buffer the effects of wind on the tripod, especially when using your spotting scope or LRF. The loop can also be used to hang kit from keeping it handy while you are set up behind the tripod and has also been used to attach a tie down cord to a stake driven into the ground. The loop used in conjunction with a split ring attached to a 3/16” hole the end user drills in the leg hub assembly just above the pivot pin in the leg directly opposite of the black wing nut used to tighten up the center column allows a top attachment point for a sling, while the center column loop for the bottom attachment point. The diameter of the loop is slightly larger than the center column to prevent the center column from being pulled out of the leg assembly. See product pictures for examples of the drilled hole modification.

Center Column Loop for "XL, Large, and Medium" tripods

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