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The Freedom Quick Release Mount 2.0 (FQRM 2.0) fits our XL Tripod and the AF1100E Griphead
 Our latest product to be a game changer for the shooter wishing to maximize his tripod shooting toolbox is the Freedom Quick Release Mount 2.0. This adapter allows you to interface between picatinny rail and our XL Tripod or our AF1100E griphead.
  The one-piece design slides onto the pic rail and the can be inserted in place of the quick release plate.
  There are disadvantages and advantages to locking your rifle into your tripod support. This adapter allows the shooter to have this piece attached to their rifle without taking up a bunch of real estate and which can be quickly snapped in and out of the quick release system. The combination of this adapter and our shooting cradle allows the shooter to have a large majority of his support needs met while maintaining the continuity of a single tripod system.

Freedom Quick Release Mount 2.0

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