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The "Pic Rail" is designed to attach to the side of the SSP-1 and SSP-2 cradles by way of two hex drive socket head 1/4"-20 bolts. “Pic Rail” is machined from 7075 billet aluminum and then hard coat black anodized for longevity. The “Pic Rail” is 3” long and has 5 slots. The bridge design will allow a 1” strap to go underneath the rail section to strap the rifle or optics to the cradle and or to employ a dummy cord to your kit. Under the cover of the SSP cradles, on each side, there are two drilled and tapped 1/4"-20 holes to accept the addition of the "Pic Rail". The Pic Rail allows shooters to attach accessories to the side of the cradle such as white light, IR illuminator, IR laser, cameras, weather meters, smart phones, and anything else you may need. The benefit to this set up is your visible light, camera, or IR source doesn’t have to be dedicated to the weapons system you are operating. Plus this is less kit you have hanging off of your rifle. By employing your accessory equipment on the cradle it keeps your light source on target better than if it is attached to the rifle and following the recoil. Additionally it allows you to use your device without having a weapon pointed down range. Marking targets with IR or recording events or ranging targets and then having the cradle in place to quickly engage targets of opportunity. This is a great addition to the cradle for everyone from night hunters and video enthusiast to military and law enforcement. The “Pic Rail” is not limited to use with the SSP cradles, if you need a section of rail to attach pic rail compatible equipment this may be the answer. The flat bases and smaller foot print coupled with the bridge design make it ideal for where ever you need a section of rail.
Installation of the “Pic Rail” to your SSP cradle is as easy as putting the provided bolt through the hole in the rail finding the hole under the material on the cradle and with a hex wrench pressing the screw into the hole and working the screw clockwise and counter clockwise until the screw cuts through the material. Once a hole is created in the material insure to hole is clear of any material and install the two screws. I typically will put a drop of blue Loctite on each screw and tighten the screw until it is secure in place. Each SSP cradle has holes in each side to allow a section of rail to be installed on both sides facilitating the use of multiple pieces of kit.


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