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and Arca Swiss BallheadPRECISION RIFLE SOLUTIONS QUICK RELEASE-LARGE PLATEThe Precision Rifle Solutions Quick Release-Large Plate is a direct replacement for the OEM SLIK DQ-20 quick release plates used with the "XL" tripod and the AF 1100E "grip head". These plates are built from billet aluminum, hard coat anodized, and we use a black oxide hex drive screw. The plate is designed with a little more height to allow better clearance when manipulating the quick release throw lever. Additionally we utilize a rubber gasket material instead of cork to afford a better grip with whatever it is attached to. The length of the bolt is slightly longer to engage more threads insuring a better lock up on your kit to be attached to the tripod. All of Precision Rifle Solutions manufactured products work fine with these quick release plates. DO NOT force the throw lever on the attachment base for the quick release plates. Firmly push the lever until it stops. The design is such that you will have good lock up and as the system ages this “+” tolerance on the plates will insure that you will have increased longevity with the system. Before using these plates on other items to be attached to the plate make sure that you have enough thread depth in the item to allow the screw to tighten completely.

Precision Rifle Solutions Quick Release-Large Plate for our XL Tripod, Griphead

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