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The quick detach XL tripod adjusts from 7" to 64" when fully extended. This tripod is stable, versatile, light weight and collapses to 20" for easy carry within a ruck or lashed to your gear. Tripod features a compact ballhead with quick release. Tripod comes in a factory black finish. Upper leg sections are foam covered for comfort and ease of handling. A perfect compliment to both the SSP-1 and the SSP-2 rifle cradles. The tripod, when coupled with our rifle cradles provides a stable shooting platform from the low prone to standing . The tripod's ballhead allows the shooter to quickly adjust the angle or target line of their rifle to quickly provide a stable shooting platform. The "XL" is supplied with one SLIK DQ-20 quick release plate. 
The XL QD tripod is a great companion for our SLIK AF1100E griphead. Both the XL Qd tripod and the AF1100E use the PRSQR-Large (billet aluminum quick release plates) or the SLIK DQ-20 quick release plate. We recommend the purchase of additional PRSQR-Large quick release plates to maximize the versatility of the tripod system. having additional plates already attached to your items to be used on the tripod allows you to rapidly transition the tripods purpose without having to make up threaded connections changing out the plate for each item. 
  Slik Tripod Model Number 611-875 features include:
  • Minimum height = 7.4”
• Maximum height = 64.3”
  • Weight= 2.3 lbs
  • Folded length = 19.9”
  • Flip lever leg locks
  • Ballhead equipped with quick detach plate assembly
  • Bubble level
  XL QD Tripod includes one connector plate and a carrying case. Additional SLIK HD connector plates are sold separately. We recommend purchasing an additional SLIK HD QR plate to maximize tripod versatility.
  Shipping: $13.00 via USPS Priority Mail with confirmation within the US. Combined shipping available on multiple purchases. Shipping rates vary for international orders.
What's the difference between the large tripod and the XL tripod? There is very little size difference. The biggest benefit is that is uses the SLIK HD QR Plate which provides a larger, slightly more secure platform to attach your rifle cradle or optics. The XL Tripod uses all of the larger sized plates and accessories, i.e SLIM 2.0, Freedom Mount 2.0 PR Solutions QR-Large Plate.

XL QD Tripod

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