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Pic Rail for SSP-1 and SSP-2


We have built a nice addition for attachment to the side of the SSP-1 and SSP-2, a section of 1913 spec picatinny rail that screws to the side of the SSP cradles for attachment of accessories to for use on rail systems. The section of rail allows you to attach a white light, IR illuminator, laser illuminator, or anything else you may want to improve your tripod support system. This section of pic rail is great in tactical environments and hunting opportunities. The pic Rail section is billet aluminum hard anodized and has two 1/4'-20 hex drive black oxide screws for attachment to the cradle. NOTE: these sections of pic rail can be attached in house when you order or if you already have a SSP-1 or SSP-2 with side holes already drilled and tapped you simply feel for the holes in the side and with some pressure twist the screw clockwise through the section of rail until the screw engages the hole in the SSP. Once the hole is started do the same procedure with the second hole. Once both screws have started then tighten both screws alternating between the two until the rail is tight on the SSP. DO NOT over tighten and you may want to use a drop of blue "Loctite" on the screws to create a permanent mounting. When the rail section is not in use you may want to attach a section of rail cover to prevent the machined edges from being dinged and also prevent the pic rail section from dinging up your other kit.

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