We are offering a premier 100% American made sniper cradle for precision shooting at extreme distances.


Leica 1200 LRF Tripod adapter


Allows the Leica 1200 LRF to be securely attached to the tripod affording the shooter to accurately laser targets generating accurate and timely range to target. The adapter can stay attached to the LRF while it is being stowed and then quickly attached to the tripod. We offer the LRF adapter in tan with brown straps, OD with OD straps or black with black straps. This adapter can also be utlized with other makes of horizontally orientated laser range finders. Orientating the head on the tripod vertically and attaching the LRF adapter can also allow the LRF adapter to work with vertically orientated laser range finders.


Shipping: $4.00 via USPS First Class with confirmation. Combined shipping available on multiple purchases. Shipping varies for international orders.

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