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Spiked Feet for Tripod (Set of Three)



Spiked Feet for Tripod

(sold in sets of three)

Designed to fit the Medium, Large and XL tripods we sell.  The round flange at the top of the spike will prevent the tripod from sinking into loose soil. Each set includes three inserts and three feet. Feet are designed with solid, billet aluminum, then hard coat annodized for a long lasting finish.

To install: Carefully remove the rubber feet from the your tripod (you will still be able to use them). Apply a small amount of 2-part epoxy or super glue onto the leg inserts, the push them all the way up to the shoulder. Let dry for 5-10 minutes. Then screw the spikes into the leg inserts. If you prefer to use the rubber feet, simply unscrew the spikes (leaving the inserts) and return the rubber feet to the legs. They will snugly fit over the inserts.

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